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Party Planning and Entertain

Liquor Beverage Menu Coordinator – LBMC (provide you the list, availability, service, and price)

Having a Function? Why do it yourself when you can have Curtis Liquors with four decades of experience put together an impressive list of beverages. We have a great selection for every category. We carry all sorts of liquor classifications, a drink for every occasion.

Let us personalize your list for your budget, no party too small or too BIG.

 877-440-0140 or complete the form, that easy!

Celebrating an Event | Birthday Party | Getting Married | Sporting Event | Graduation Party | Summer Party | Seasonal Party | Family Party

Rick Curtis has always stood behind his winning trilogy: selection, service, and price. These are the three reasons why our customers turn to us; we’ve been doing this for 40 years. Let Curtis Liquors provide you with a detailed list for your occasion. Let one of our professional experts put together a proposal with Curtis Liquors selections. Just fill out the information, and we will return it with a written plan. We always welcome a phone call to one our stores at either Weymouth or Cohasset Massachusetts locations. We can also be reached at (877) 440-0140 Monday – Sunday.

Just provide us with a quick Party Request Form, and we will email you the proposal.

Liquor Classifications

  • Value: Less than $20
  • Middle Shelf: $20 – 40
  • Top Shelf: $40 – 50
  • Luxury: $50 or above

Food and Drinks for Thought:

  • 750 ml bottle of wine will yield five 5-ounce glasses
  • Guests typically consume an average of two glasses of wine per hour, three in two hours, four in 3 hours, and five in 4 hours.
  • Daytime Occasions Drink Less

Some Assurances:

  • Great Discounts Up to 20%
  • Leftover Products May Be Returned for credit (provided it is in resale condition)
  • Beer Must be in their original Packs (example 4, 6, 12, 18, 30 pack)

Party Request Form

  • Indicate how many in the group of ages 1 - 20 group (count).
  • Indicate how many in the group of ages 21 or older group (count).
  • :
  • Spirit (750 ml)

  • Wine - Red (750 ml)

  • Wine - White (750 ml)

  • Wine - Pink (750 ml)

  • Fortified Wine

  • Bubbles (4–5 ounces per person)

  • Beer

  • Lets us know what might be missing, comments, or concerns.